Sunday, October 5, 2008

16th U.S. Infantry, 1812

Here's my latest original. The inspiration for this subject came from Osprey's "The American War 1812-14" plate B-1. I chose this one because of the "unusual" colors for his uniform. One associates the American army, of this period, with the color blue. But there were a variety of uniform colors to be seen in the forts and fields, such as whites, greys, tans, browns and greens.

This soldier is from the 16th Regiment of Infantry were issued a black coatee in typical cut for infantry of the period. I wasn't sure about the green trousers as I could not find more documentation to support the illustration. The unuasual colors is what drew to the subject anyway so I went and painted it likewise.

The head is from Hornet and the musket is a Shenandoah conversion. Everything painted with acrylics.

Sorry for the poor pics. "Black" is a unforgiving color.


Robert Jan said...

Hello Jason,

A great subject again.
I like the way how you painted his face. It gives him a lot of character. The way you painted it now looks to differ from your previous figures. More shadows and highlighting?

all the best,
Robert Jan

Jason said...

Hi Robert Jan,

Thanks! Yes, I'm adding a little more contrast to the faces. I also used a different lighting set up when I took these pics.

I'll try to get better pics later.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, Awesome job on the figure. Again, you're nailing that period look. I thought I had sent you somw 1812 stuff. If not let me know. again, what a cool fig. ~Gary

Jason said...

Thanks Gary! Yeah, I have some 1812 stuff. Couple Osprey and some stuff you sent me. I'd like to do more subjects from that period.