Sunday, December 17, 2006

Brunswick Grenadier Painted

Painting this figure was quite a challenge but lots of fun. Patience was key in getting the ticking on his overalls straight and even, a process which took atleast 5 hours to paint.
I used Don Troiani's studies as a guide for the front plate of the mitre cap but the rear will have to be a work- in- progress, as there wasn't a clear picture to go by. I went through Osprey titles, that featured Prussian soldiers at the time of the Seven Years War, and still could not find a clear design to use. This also would have been of no use as grenadier companies in each regiment had a different design.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Brunswick Grenadier SBS

1. This figure was inspired by a figure in Don Troiani's "Breymann's Redoubt".

The armature is paper clips straightened and cut to size. Shoes (sculpted by G. Dombrowski) are commercial castings. The head is from Hornet's 1/32 scale range.

2. Armature filled out then "scored" with an X-Acto knife when the putty was 80% cured. This scoring will help additional applications of putty bite into the surface.

3. Overalls sculpted. Sling, turnback flap and mitre cap front added then left to cure. Belt and vest was also added at this time.

4. Turback flaps added and upper vest filled.

Note I penciled in the shape of the mitre cap.

5. Mitre cap back filled with first layer of putty and scored.

6. Body filled out w/ more putty.

7. Second layer of putty added to mitre cap. I do this in layers to ensure the putty cures properly. And by using small amounts of putty will hopefully prevent me from cracking or breaking the cured flap by the constant pushing of putty.

8. Third layer of putty added.

Final coat will be added later.

9. Mitre cap carved and sanded down to my liking. Turnbacks and pockets added.

10. Finished figure. The cartridge box flap was made with a mixture of 50% Aves and 50% Kneadatite. Using flatened Aves alone is very brittle when cured, so I use kneadatite to help ensure it's pliable.

11. Rear view. The putty used for the hair and buttons is fromm the same batch as the cartridge box flap.

12. Side view. I added a small rip in the seam of his jacket.