Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mike Blank's MFCA Display

Here's another piece I could have spent much time in front of, Mike's "With Gods Help". Simply a work of art. Like many, I always walk away from his display inspired.

Friday, May 21, 2010

More pics from MFCA

Here's some more pics from the MFCA show. I was fortunate to be paired up with John Rosengrant and Marijn Van Gils for judging in the OPEN category friday night. Two of the most gracious and insightful artist in the hobby today. I learned much from that experience and will never look at a display again the same.

Speaking of Marijn Van Gils, his display was much visited over the weekend. His two mini box dios were wonderful. His "Reality TV" was not only well done and original but hilarious! There's only a handful of people in this hobby that I would call a true "fine art" artist and he is one of them. All his subjects are unique, well executed and original, traits of a fine artist.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some MFCA 2010 show pics

Here's some pics from the MFCA show. I have nothing much to say to about the show other than WOW! The large number of pieces displayed, seeing the quality of work, that gets better each year and Bill Horan's retrospective, made for one great time. I honestly could have stood in front of his display the whole weekend and just study each piece. I doubt that many of us will see that much of Bill's work in one place ever again.

I regret that some of the pieces that I photographed does not have a name attached. I always mean to go back and write down the artist name to go along with the piece. From now on...

The two pieces that I do recognize with a name is Matt Springer's "Woodland Nymph" and Trevor Hensley's(sp?) "Avatar". Both excellent pieces that pics don't do justice.

More later.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Couple more pics of the 63rd Regiment drummer.

I took a couple more pics of the drummer before the MFCA show.

Stay tuned, I have some pics from the MFCA show and some sneak peeks at my next project.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Drummer, 63rd Regiment of Foot, 1775 54mm

Here's one for the road. I kinda did this out of order, the grenadier was the last figure I finished. I guess, saving a favorite for last before heading off to the MFCA show.

I really liked how this one turned out and enjoyed building and painting this figure. The drum however was a bear to do. I was going to use a simple spare Historex piece but the molding was horrid. So I stripped the entire shell and sculpted the tension cords with very thin strings of kneadatite.

The inspiration for the piece was Don Troiani's study of same subject. Except in my version the front is viewed prominently. I remember Gary a year ago mentioned that this would make a neat figure and I agreed.

Thanks to all that visit my blog. Please note my postings this spring/summer will not entirely be figure related but will be filler before I really get into my next project. It goin' to be BIG.

Stay tuned.