Wednesday, December 26, 2007

French General of Division, 1810

Here's my latest. A Napoleonic French General of Division. Inspired by a study done by Edouard Detaille. Various accessories found it's way into this figure. The chapeau is a Historex piece with alot of modification. The sword, along with the animal head belt buckles, are also from Historex. The head, which fit the subject perfectly, is from Hornet. In fact the head, in my opinion, makes this particular figure pop. Any other head, from any other line, would have made this figure look rather boring. Thank you Mr. Saunders! For making such wonderfully character filled heads.
This figure unfortunately is a WIP. I cannot find documentation on the tails of this officers coat. Whether it had lace, false turbacks, etc. Or if the sash detail is correct. Till then...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trooper, Lauzun's Legion

This figure was inspired by a Don Troiani study. The horse is from Historex and the head from Hornet.
After tackling this project it's no wonder I don't do more mounted subjects. I was feeling burn-out big time throughout this project but I was determined to finish it.
I envy modeler's that have several projects on hand and go from to the other so as to not feel "burn-out".
Now that it's done I may take a little break. I do have a couple projects in mind. One is a Napoleonic subject the other a large battle vignette from the American Revolution. More details later...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Brunswick Grenadier~Regiment Von Riedesel

I've been a figure modeling fool this past month! Completing three figures in a little under six weeks.

First off is a Grenadier from the Brunswick Regiment Von Riedesel. This figure was a bear to do. I originally was going to paint the mitre cap plate a brass color, using the Trioani study as a guide. Having a feeling his illustration of the mitre cap was to show "sheen", I decided to use all possible resources. Further research led me to the "Perry Minature's" website and the description for the Von Riedesel mitre plate was similiar to the Regiment Prinz Friedrich-white metal plate with yellow bag and white tape. It was interesting to find that the Brunswick Grenadier plates were all stamped the same according to it's principality. With the cipher of Carl I, Duke of Brunswick and the running or leaping horse being a dominate feature. I would have liked to find a period illustration of these German soldiers ticking overalls (painting this figure's overalls took over six hours!), but one has to be content with contemporary images and period descriptions.

The head is from Hornet's 1/32 scale heads. The Musket is a Shenandoah coversion.

Minute Man

This figure was a inspired by a Peter Copeland caricature study of a Continental Minuteman.

These caricature figures are a joy to do and I plan doing more in the near future.

The head is from MIG. I chose this head because of it's wonderful character, so it practicaly painted itself. Not sure where the rifle came from. Just another spare that I picked up over the years.

"The Kid"

"There's many a man with face fine and fair
Who starts out in life with a chance to be square
But just like poor Billy, he wonders astray
And loses his life in the very same way"

From~"Ballad of Billy the Kid"

Andrea 54mm. Painted in acrylics.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Through Hell for Glory- A vignette of "Pickett's Charge"

"The Ashen hue that lingered upon every cheek showed the accuracy with which the magnitude of the task before us was estimated, while the firm grasp that fixed itself upon every musket, & the look of steady determination that lurked in every eye, bespoke an unflinching resolution to "do or die"~ Lieutenant William Peel, 11th Mississippi Infantry

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hessian Musketeer, 1781

This is a figure I've wanted to do for some time. The subject was inspired by a Don Troiani study. The pose is different than the study, it's rather plain, but it's in this "shoulder firelock" position, that a soldier is typically seen performing in that period.

The head is from Hornet and the musket is a Shenandoah conversion. All painted in acrylics.

Austro-German Legion 1814

This figure was inspired by an illustration in the Osprey book- "The Austrian Army of the Napoleonic Wars 1: Infantry"

The head is from Hornet and the musket is a Shenandoah conversion. All painted in acrylics.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

72nd Indiana Mounted Infantryman

"Where the war flames leaped highest on Chickamauga's red field,
Wilder's men held the right and refused then to yield;
Pressed hard front and rear, they stood firm as a rock,
And with their good Spencers they met shock with shock."
~I. F. Mather, 1899