Saturday, September 27, 2008

'Storm Child'

This is a piece that I worked on during summer. It's from Classicae and sculpted by the late Roy Hunt.

The subject is of a Japanese girl the day after the bomb fell on Hiroshima.

Well, I can't say I really enjoyed painting it. Needless to say it can be an emotional and thought provoking subject. But, I tried my best and I hope I did the piece justice.

Painting was pretty straight forward. The ground work was a free-for-all of washes and light dry brushing. All shades of greys and browns were used with touches of metal dry brushed here and there.

I chose a red shirt with flower pattern to help make the scene 'pop' and add a little contrast to the devastation surrounding her.

As for the kit itself, the figure was horribly casted. Quality control was certainly at a loss here. Many pits and voids were present. Luckily these were dominant on the figures back, but much putty and sanding time was used when needn't be. If I ever buy a Classicae kit, I will insist opening the box and inspecting first.

Still, I recommend the piece for only it's subject matter and wonderful sculpting by one of the Greats in the hobby who went too soon. Your work will be missed, Mr Hunt.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Clark's Illinois Regiment, 1782

Here's my latest original. It will be donated to the MMSI figure auction this October. It was inspired by Don Troiani's study.

I tried to come up with an original pose too. As you can see, cleaning one's pipe dosn't exactly make a figure "pop". But it's one that was common while in camp, or at rest during a march. And I don't believe I've seen one like it in figure form.

These men where issued with French made royal blue coats (it's much darker in person) and carried Spanish made muskets.

The head is from Hornet and the Musket is a Shenandoah conversion.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

44th Regiment of Foot, Gandamak 1842

I'm back up and running! Here's my latest, it's Latorre Models, British soldier at Gandamak.
It's a nice kit with few pieces, clean with little flash. It was easy to paint with ALOT of grey.
Again, sorry for the poor pics. Thanks for looking!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

No new post...

Having computer problems. Thanks for still visiting my blog.
I will try to post new stuff soon, hopefully before the Chicago Show.