Saturday, February 28, 2009

French Cavalryman, 1790's - Painted

Finally finished! I really enjoyed painting this one. The Doug's Original horse is first class sculpting. I wasn't too sure about the texture of the hide at first. Thinking it may be too much overdone. But after laying in colors, it really helped painting in shadows and highlights. I have two more of Doug's horses that are waiting for riders...They may have to wait, I'm a bit burned out with doing another mounted subject too soon.

The color of the chassuer's green jacket is a bit more darker than shown. The lighting washed some of the clarity.

The reference I used for the chassuer was Europa's "NAPOLEON'S LINE CAVALRY-Recreated in Colour Photographs". There were a couple color illustrations that I used as well. Not sure how accurate he is but I used what was avaliable to me.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, That's a honey of a figure. Great job buddy. ~Gary

Jason said...

Thanks Pard! I had some fun building him;)

Anonymous said...

great figure Jason!


Jason said...

Thanks RJ!

Radek Pituch said...

Another beauty Jason!
My congratulations.


Jason said...

Thanks Radek!